Effort vs Quality

Topics: High school, Education, Gymnasium Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: February 5, 2011
• What is more important: Effort or quality? 

I believe that effort and quality are both very important. If you do not putting forth effort and follow guidelines, it is very hard to obtain quality. In the end the most important thing is the quality of the assignment or project. Quality is what we are judged on in the workforce and life in general.

• Should an instructor take into account the amount of effort that a student puts into an assignment?

As a teacher on the middle school level I do take into account the amount of effort a student puts into an assignment. That is a part of molding our youth and teaching them to try their best. I also feel there is a bit of a difference when dealing with college or the workforce. In the workforce you are not judged on how much you put into a project but the actual quality of the project. In the workforce there is no grading system either. I feel that an instructor should take everything into account when grading, but the overall quality weighs more.

• Do you “get” a grade or do you “earn” a grade? 

I believe students earn a grade. Going above and beyond the call of duty will allow a student to earn a grade higher then, that of a student who just meets the requirements. This is where the students’ effort produces quality. I have found that it is hard to put a grade or percent on effort.

• Why does Full Sail count professionalism as part of your grade? Should they eliminate that aspect of grading?

I feel Full Sail counting professionalism as part of your grade is great because professionalism something that can make or break you in the workforce. Professionalism is something that many people lack. In this very competitive world not being professional will make it so you are not considered for many jobs. I think it is a great aspect of their grading system.
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