Small Groups

Topics: Learning, Facilitator, Education Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: May 25, 2013
The teaching approach chosen for this assignment is small group teaching. Small group teaching is defined by group size and is usually six to ten participants. I selected small group work as it is an “ideal approach for the development of the social and interpersonal skills necessary for good communication and teamwork that supports a trusting environment” (Denrick, &, Exley, 1988, p111). The main role as leader of a small group is a facilitator. The teaching structure in the learning environment is providing guidance and reinforcement to correct difficulties with learning. It also provides further education to correct knowledge gaps in regards to the learners needs. The authors added that as a facilitator, staying engaged with the students and giving the students the skills to work independently provides a teaching structure to improve learning skills. Categories of small group learning include focused discussions, problem based learning and student lead seminars. The aims include active knowledge application assist the student to develop communication skills, and lastly in role play which is aimed at building on skills. Sessions can occur at the bedside, handover room, or even in a conference room. Other ways include tutorials, seminars, or even rounds or journal clubs, case based or in application and learning of new material and concepts. Sessions also allow for communication, self-directed learning or an opportunity to integrate lecture material, monitor sessions, and provision of assessment and feedback on the group’s performance. Advantages can be gained by effective facilitation with preparation of resources and in facilitating discussions. The benefit to teaching is that it is easier to check learning objectives have been attained. A disadvantage is that group dynamics can become a problem (Denrick, &, Exley, 1988) Disadvantages of small group learning include limitations that may not be relevant to learner experiences. Small group teaching may take more...
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