Community College over Four Year

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Policy Speech Outline
Why you should start at a junior college.

Attention Getter: Everyone in this class has one thing in common. Not only are we all students, or college students. We all attend COC. Every one of us is a student at a junior college.

Credibility: Senior year of high school I was accepted to multiple four-year schools so I spent months researching whether a junior college or a four-year college was right for me.

Central idea (Thesis): it’s been a great debate for almost every high school student on whether they should go to a four year university or start at a junior college.

Policy Claim: I believe all students should start their college education at a junior college.

Preview: Today, I will explain three reasons why you should start at a junior college.


I. The first reason a student should start at a junior college is because of the mass amounts of money that can be saved.

A. Money is a big issue for almost all college students.

1. In the article, “is community college the right Choice?” last accessed on May 3, 2013, author Mary Anne Cooper writes, “Those who are not receiving financial aid are looking at an average annual tuition and fees for public in district community tuition colleges of $2,713 as opposed to the average annual tuition for public in state four year colleges of $7,605.”(Cooper, 32, 2012).

2. If interested in a private college the prices become even worse.

3. Dallas financial advisor Derrick Kinney writes in the article, “It’s Time for your child to start college and you haven’t saved enough”, last accessed on May 2.2013, “If you have a private college in mind, the average tuition is $28,500 yearly. Community College can save you $25,000 per year in comparison.” (Kinney, 34, 2012).

4. For the average enrolled student, community college is basically free when you factor in grants and aid, according to the College Board.

B. The average College student working 30hrs per week makes around $14,400.

(Internal Summary/Preview: Now that I’ve showed you how much money you can save at a junior college, let me explain another reason it’s the better choice.)

II. The second reason you should start at a junior college is flexibility of a junior college.

C. Community College offers classes on weekends, weekdays, and early morning and late at night classes to adjust to anyone’s schedules.

5. In the article, “small-group learning in the community college classroom” last accessed on may 6, 2013 author David Hennessy writes, “Many Community College students are married, have children hold full time jobs, and/or are beyond traditional college age.” (Hennessy, 9, 2006).

6. I know when I stared college I did not have an open schedule, as I needed to keep a job to pay for school as do most college students.

D. Not only are classes available at better times, but also chances are there is a junior college right in your area for extra convenience of saving on gas and travel time.

7. There are 122 community colleges just in the state of California.

8. According to author Krista Tucciarone, in the article community college Image-by Hollywood”, she states, “Currently, there are more than 1,100 community colleges in the United States, and they are respected for open access and equity, comprehensive program offerings, community-based philosophy, a commitment to teaching, and a commitment to life-long learning" (Tucciarone, 42, 2012)

9. Community colleges are welcomed to every type of student no matter their personal goals or lifestyles.

10. According to the associated press in the article, “Flexibility puts Community College Front and Center” last accessed on may 6, 2013, “Compared to more slow-to-respond sectors of higher education, community colleges have become more entrepreneurial, flexible, and responsive.”...
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