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Topics: World Wide Web, Publishing, Typography Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: February 12, 2011
When you are making your Slideshows in the PowerPoint:
Formatting consistency (full stops, commas, quotation marks) •Use bullets
Use annotation
Notice the color, vibrancy, and cohesion of the slide backgrounds •Use a background that fits the topic
Title is important
Points should be a logical flow
Information must be current and can absorb your audiences •Had better not choose controversial topics
Include short videos or audios
Have a “THE END” slide
Before the Presentation:
Make sure you practice pronouncing the unknown words
In the Presentation:
Don’t have to introduce yourself if everyone knows
Don’t rush or eat up words
State the importance
Use floor space
Eye contact
Volume of your voice
Body language
Point to the important things
Explain the “buzz words” or specialized terms
Round the large number and just say the year when you give information about the date •Thank the audiences

References – MLA citation
Most entries will include:
The names of the authors or editors. Put the last name of the first author or editor first (Leung, Mary). Put the first names of any following authors or editors first (Andrew Janowicz). •The title. Underline book or website titles, or put them in italics. Put quotation marks around the titles or articles or encyclopaedia entries. •The place the book was published, or its address on the World Wide Web. •The publisher: a publishing company, magazine, newspaper, or website sponsor. •The date a book or article was published (in print or on the Web), and the date you retrieved it (on the Web) •The page numbers of articles in magazines and newspapers.
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