Slant and Charge

Topics: Communication, Loaded language, Translation Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: March 4, 2013
La’Quesha Bryant
Professor Burnett
English Comp 2
12 February 2013
Slanting and Charge
Our knowledge, not only the specific facts we observe and present but also the facts we remember, is influenced by the principle of selection. The process of selecting knowledge and highlighting that takes place when we put our knowledge into words to achieve the communicator. Since emphasis is simply given stress to subject and indicating what is important or less important, slanting by use of emphasis is unavoidable, both in speech and writing. Any knowledge that comes to us through words has been subjected to the double screening of the principle of selection and the slanting of language, so much of our information comes to us selected and slanted by selection and emphasis of facts. We also can carry different impressions and judgment of a person and a situation by using charged words, even in describing the same facts. Charged language is the language used when slanting influences feelings toward or judgment about a subject. Charged language is the natural and necessary medium for the communication of charged or attitudinal meaning, though we have difficulty in living with it. To communicate knowledge, we must use charged language. The principle of selection decide that the fact which we awareness or choose or interest, when we show our knowledge. The principal of selection use when people communicate to each other in word, and then a selection that is decide the person's interests and purpose. It is important to remember what is right of way of the principle of selection. Slanting has three things that knowledge, words, and emphasis. Slanting is way of communication, it use emphasis. Slanting is unavoidable, for emphasis is simply, and it indicate what is important and what is less important. When we speak to others, we use the same fact and different slanted cause very different impression. Then, slanting used by charged words, this means our judgment based on...
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