Slacking Sermon

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Are students taking advantage of the education opportunities they are given at school? It is shocking to see how many students are sleeping in class or simply not doing their work. High school students do not realize how ‘slacking off’ can keep you from graduating or being able to obtain a college career. Students need to take education seriously because slacking off will not get them far in life.

Being a student of McEachern High School, I have witnessed the lack of motivation students have towards their education. The negative effects of slacking off cause students to obtain a minimum wage job that barely supports their daily expenses. Working in a fast food place does not compare to the income a person can receive being a respective lawyer or a doctor. However, how can students get a high-paying job when they are not taking their education serious?

The Education Research Center reported that 1.3 million students drop out every year. That is a shocking rate! Do not be a drop out. Do not be a slacker. Get your education and don’t be a part of the thousands of students who drop out everyday. Teachers all agree that students who come into class and slack off, don’t have a future ahead of them. Steve Jobs is an excellent example of how students can take control of their education before it is too late. Steve Jobs was a slacker himself when he was just in elementary school. His fourth grade teacher gave him the motivation he needed to take his education seriously, and eventually he became the honorable co-founder of a $2 billion company called Apple. Therefore, with motivation students can achieve so much.

In contrast, there are days when nothing is going right or there are obstacles that are keeping students from paying attention in class. Students sometimes feel tired from waking up so early in the morning that causes them to fall asleep in class. It is perfectly acceptable for students to slack off a day or two when they are not feeling well. Despite...
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