Should Students Be Graded on Attendance

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Alfred Washington
English 101
6:00 - 7:20
November 18, 2010
Argument Paper

Should a student be graded on his or her attendance in class? No, a student should not be graded on their attendance in class. A student should be graded on their work that they do in class not the fact they are sometimes not in attendance. A student should not be graded on their class attendance for many reasons. One of those main reasons could be a continuous illness. A student with a continuous illness has no choice but to miss days out of class. For example a student with diabetes has to go to doctors appointments to have their glucose level checked. This student can quickly get sick and need medical attention, which will cause them to miss class. Would you rather have a student in your class sick and not learn anything or would you have them miss class and seek medical attention. A student that misses class often can possibly pass that class. It all depends on the grade that they have. Yes missing class sets the student back and causes him or her to spend time making up the work that they have missed, but that does not mean they are going to fail. If this student is passing that class they can afford to miss one class every often. It is when they start to miss too many classes that you should start to deduct points from their grade. A student with a passing grade and does his or her work should not be graded on their attendance because you never know what the circumstances of their absence might be. Often time’s college students feel that since they are paying for school they have the right to miss class. True students are paying for class but that does not give them the right to miss class. Yes you are paying for your education and you should be able to miss class whenever you would like too. It’s the student and their parent’s money and they should be able to waste it however they want. Some students feel that they pay a teacher to come to class everyday and that if that...
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