Skydive Chicago Is One of the United States

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* Skydive Chicago is one of the United States’ premier skydiving resorts, serving skydivers ranging in skills from first time jumpers to internationally competitive freefly teams. * Jumpmasters video their student’s jumps.

* Students use the feedback these videos provide to identify mistakes. * (student)They often copy their videos onto a personal tape for future reference. * Jumpmasters may also copy well-executed student skydives to the facility’s tape library.

* Only in Chicago-Each student in Skydive Chicago’s training program makes a series of progressive training jumps under the direct supervision of a United State Parachute Association Jumper. * Limited -The training program gears each jump toward teaching one or two new skills. * Protection of advantage - All students are given access to the drop zone’s training room and are encouraged to watch video clips in preparation for their next training jump.

This step saves jumpmasters, who are paid per jump, considerable time. Jumpmasters also use these videos to evaluate their training method’s effectiveness.- not a good rule to measure..

information system

Skydive Chicago’s information system, "a set of interrelated components, with a clearly defined boundary, working together to achieve a common set of objectives" (INF 620 24), provides several benefits the skydiving student and the company its. Skydive Chicago’s information system assist the skydiving student by allowing the review of his or jump independently, in a flexible interruption and audience free environment. Skydive Chicago’s information system enhances the company itself by enabling the jumpmasters to have more time in their paid capacity, provide examples of ideal jumps, and allows students to separately hone his or her newly acquired skills.

Skydive Chicago’s information system allows the supervising jumpmaster, a United State Parachute Association Jumper, to record each...
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