Skills of a Event Organizer

Topics: Management, Time management, Event planning Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Skills required as an event organiser
Beings an event organiser requires many skills; I am going to describe what skills they use and how they use them. Firstly a very important skill for an event organiser to have is time management. Time management is useful skill to have, as it means the subject will be able to organise there time so that that are able to do everything they have to do. Being a event organiser means that you will have to be able to manage your time effectively, as you will have lots of things to sort out. Problem solving is also a very important skill for an event organiser to have. Event organisers encounter problems day to day, it being anything small or big from not being able to find the right colour or the company that is hiring the venue as gone bankrupt. In situations like these the event organiser needs to have the ability to determine the best solution in a quick and efficient manner. Evaluating is another decision making method, is can be used to decide on which option would be best to take. This is a very useful skill to have as an event organiser, as the will need to evaluate the situation and decide what to do. Negotiating is a process of achieving agreement through discussion, is a skill that every event organiser should have as it will give them the ability to negotiating with clients and businesses for things like prices and dates. Having interpersonal skills allows an event organiser to have the ability to communicate with clients effectively. This is an important skill for an event organiser as they are constantly dealing with different people. Event organisers have to be able to have the confidence to communicate with their clients. Event organisers have to be able to be resourceful, this means they need to be able to use the equipment and sources that they have around them. It is also defined as “someone who is resourceful is capable of dealing with difficult situations” by One of more obvious skills...
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