Topics: Skateboarding, Skateboard, Street skateboarding Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
My research paper is about Skaters. I chose this subculture because I find it fascinating how skaters are able to suspend themselves in the air, and perform tricks with their skateboards. In addition, I am amazed at how persistent skaters are to perfecting skateboarding tricks. I have found various sources for this research paper, besides the three listed below I found an MTV documentary on skateboarding, and also an article that focuses on the fashion styles of skaters. In addition, to scholarly articles, I will also conduct my research by interviewing skaters on campus and off campus. People assume that most skaters are in the lower class group, which leads to the preconceived notion that skaters are associated with criminal activities, and that is my main concentration for this research paper. My research question is “What are the factors that make people believe that skateboarding is associated with criminal activities?” Beal, Becky, and Charlene Wilson. "The Distinction of Risk: Urban Skateboarding, Street Habitus and the Construction of Hierarchical Gender Relations." Comp. Matthew Atencio. Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise. NO. 1 ed. Vol. 1. Taylor and Francis Online. Routledge, 13 Jan. 2009. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. <>. I found this article through Google scholar. The article generally focuses on the gender relations pertaining to skateboarding. It refers to habitus, a term used in the title, as a "a subconscious manifestation of social structure that includes social habits, values, ways of being, thinking and moving which are collectively generated by social actor while being reinforced by others". Skateboarding is a pre dominant male sport, the article interviewed some male skaters and observed that most male skaters don’t see female as authentic participants in the skater subculture. The female skaters also shared their views concerning...
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