Skateboarding Is an Art

Topics: Skateboarding, Skateboard, Vincent van Gogh Pages: 3 (1203 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Skateboarding is an Art, a Lifestyle, and a Way of Life.
By Mike Lombardo -December 2012

People who don’t skateboard have no idea what I’m about to describe, but if you have a passion for skateboarding like I you will totally understand. Skateboarding is not a sport; we don’t have any couches telling us what we can and can’t do. We can literally do whatever we want on a skateboard, it is complete creativity and freedom. Skateboarding is an Art, a Lifestyle, a way to live. So pretty much we are artists selecting what spots we want to share our art on. Just like art there are unlimited amount of styles people can come up with. Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Faust all are artists who create art and showcase them in many different ways. Van Gogh used a Style of paint, Pollock used a Style of Splatter, and Faust used a Style of calligraffiti. Even though all of these people are artists that have the same intentions, they all have a completely authentic style as to what they do and create. People think skateboarders just destroy property and disrespect security guards/police but they are not thinking outside the box and looking at the world like we do. Skateboarders have a different eye for everything they see in this world. For example you might see a pole sticking out of the ground that looks extremely dangerous. But we skaters would call that a pole jam, and our minds would open up and think about all the possibility’s and tricks that can be done on this obscure object. Just like Art, Skateboarding takes time and patience. You can’t just wake up one day and be like “Hey I’m going to land a 900 on a Vert Ramp today” but hey you never know. But most likely you won’t be able to stomp that out in a couple of tries. But in Reality learning to spin a 900 would take years to practice. Tony Hawk was the 1st person to ever land it, and it took him years to completely master. Skateboarding is all about building your craft and...
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