Six Thinking Hats Method: Use and Results

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  • Published : June 28, 2012
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Six Thinking Hats Method
Thinking is the crucial human resource

It’s an important method people use in the processes of thinking to make decisions. This method had been tested and proved that it increased the productivity up to 500 percent. Each colour in this method allows the thinker to do one thing and think about one thing at a time. This method teaches us to think without confusion. This method helps individuals to separate emotion from logic, creativity from information and so on. This method helps the brain to maximize its sensitivity in different directions at different times and not all at the same time.

The use of hats
Each hat is used as a symbol to request a particular type of thinking. One hat is used at a time to make use of it fully and each person expresses his/ her intelligence and experience in order to make an effective decision.

Results of using the Six Thinking Hats
1. Power
The focusing of the mental ability of many people on a problem can more easily solve that problem. The intelligence, experience and knowledge of all members of the group are fully used. 2. Time Saving

Based on the experience and the correct use of this method, the managers and employees had realized that it saves a lot of their time. Knowing how to use the method, all parties agree and think in parallel, effective decisions are made and arguments are limited. 3. Removal of ego

Thinking is used to express personal antagonisms. Each person has their own personality and sometime it prevent from thinking effectively. Example: two personalities who refuse to agree whatever the evidence might be. So this becomes the problem that wasn’t realized. The six thinking hats method provides neutral and objective exploration of a subject – argument does not. 4. One thing at a time

This method helps us learn how to think in the right way to avoid confusion. The six hats help thinkers to think one thing at a time. In addition, it provides another ways which argument doesn’t.

The White Hat

The white hat is about information. When it is used, everyone focuses totally on seeking and laying out information. To make this clearer, think of a paper or a computer printout. When looking at a paper, you look at the information that is needed or missed and how to get the information. The white hat is neutral. It is not about generating ideas, but it is about reporting the ideas. The White hat is about facts and figures represented by the computer which can never be argued on. The facts and figures should be given in a neutral and objective manner. The white hat involves the skills of getting the information and dealing with them. In simplicity, the white hat thinking clearly separate between the facts and the interpretations. Your own opinion or point of view destroys the whole purpose of the white hat. Your opinion is never taken under the white hat. On the other side, you can report the opinion of someone else. ------ is an example of this. Examples:

* Mr. Joe: “There is a rising trend in the number of women smoking cigars.” Mr. Mark: “Is this a fact?”
Mr. Joe: “It is. I have the figures here.”
* “The figures show that we went wrong with our sales campaign.”

The Red Hat

Think of warmth and feelings. The red hat gives a unique and special opportunity to express feelings, emotions, and intuition without any need to explain or justify them. There are other hats that take care of reasoning. Furthermore, it is all about the non-rational aspects of thinking. The expressions of feelings can vary from culture to culture. Red hat feelings can be shown at any time in a meeting, discussion, or conversation. The feelings doesn’t have to be directed to the subject matter that is being discussed, but it can be directed to the behavior of the meeting itself. Though it is not allowed to express your emotions in a meeting, it is useful to use the red hat in the beginning of the meeting to assess your feelings and at the...
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