Situational Leadership

Topics: Situational leadership theory, Leadership, Management Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Leadership Approach
Jason Remington
October 26, 2012
Mike Kraynik

Situational Leadership
Situational leadership is an adaptive form of management introduced by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hershey in 1969 (Schlosser, 2012). This specific leadership style requires managers to analyze scenarios and evaluate the skill level and emotional maturity of the followers involved. Based on the outcome of this analysis a leader selects one of the following technics; telling and directing, selling and coaching, participating and supporting or delegating. The telling and directing technique requires a leader to define the tasks and closely supervise the completion. The technique is beneficial for inexperienced employees. Selling and coaching incorporates additional communication between the leader and follower. While the leader still delegates and make decisions the follower will incorporate feedback; resulting in a more interactive relationship. This behavior is most beneficial for employees with experience that still require some guidance (Dems, 2010). A participating and supporting technique requires a leader to allocate tasks and still provide input on decisions. The follower has the flexibility to determine how to complete the tasks and can make some daily decisions. This style is best for experienced followers who require motivation to become capable of completing the job (Schlosser, 2012). The delegating leadership style becomes most effective with experienced and motivated followers. This style allows the follower to allocate tasks and determine the best process for completion. While a large portion of control is transferred to the follower the leader still maintains the final decision-making power and establishes...
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