Sitcom Family Values

Topics: Family, United States, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Erica Williams
January 23, 2011
CWV- 101 Christian Worldview
Jeffrey Fullam

Family Television Review: Tyler’s Perry’s Meet the Payne’s I chose Tyler Perry’s Meet The Payne’s . This show highlights family values on a Bible based foundation. This show is based on an African American family struggling with a drug addiction, extended family living together and facing everyday situations happen solved with humor and Christian principles. The husband, Curtis, is a retired fire chief. His wife, Ella, the spiritual matriarch of the family whom holds the family together with scripture and love. They have a son in college named; Calvin who is attending collage while volunteering at the the local fire station with his father. Then there is CJ their nephew who has had to move with Ella and Curtis with his two children because of his wife being addicted to drugs. This sitcom is based on Christian family values. It emphasizes on the issue of how important family is following principles of the Bible. As we see in todays society with the extended family having to move in with each other to do hardships and how hard it is to adjust. And having to address issues of a big family living together there is bound to be some difficicult and complicated situations occur. Also the family has to deal with the terrible issue of drug abuse. CJ moving into Curtis and Ellas home because if his wife has abandoned him and their two kids due to a crack addiction.

America's family values are very important. For many
years the American family and its values have been one of the top priorities of our nation.   The family is even an essential part of the "American Dream" that we Americans are so fond of.   The basic idea of success in America is measured by how well one can provide for their family. It determines these values and set a standard for the whole of America's people.   Family values are of the utmost importance to the...
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