The Simpsons: an Imperfect Ideal Family

Topics: The Simpsons, Matt Groening, Bart Simpson Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: October 21, 2012
The Simpsons: An Imperfect Ideal Family
The essay The Simpsons: An Imperfect Ideal Family was a paper written by Eliezer Van Allen explaining how the popular T.V show The Simpsons was not so unrealistic and impractical as many Americans had thought it to be. In fact, The Simpsons was, more or less, a ““cracked-mirror version” of our own imperfect but lovable selves” just in a cartoon, sitcom type form. This essay talks about how The Simpsons family often reflects the way many current families live and how, although many individual characteristics in a family member may not always be the best, as a whole a family will often come together and help one another constructing a strong family bond. Although Van Allen over exaggerates the obstacles of the everyday life, he refers to The Simpsons as a “nuclear” resemblance of the typical 20th century family. Throughout the essay, Van Allen often uses many literary techniques/ rhetorical devices to help the reader understand the effectiveness of the piece. Humour is used when Van Allen makes a personal connection to the fact that at the beginning of each Simpsons episode, the Simpsons family all run to the couch and sit in their “specific” spot, just like his own. He refers to this as a “mirror image of my couch-dwelling family”. Having this humour presented in the essay allows for the reader to stay attentive and wanting to read more, as humour often keeps the reader interested. This often allows for the reader to have more of a connection with the author and to get more of a feel of what the authors thinking process is. Allegory is present throughout the essay as Bert and Lisa’s everyday behaviour allegorically teaches the lessons of the average American. For instance, in “Bart Sells His Soul” love and concern is shown by Lisa’s actions as she cares for him and always has his back. This contributes to the effectiveness of the piece because although many family members (individually) may not always be the best and act...
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