Sir Richard Hawkins: A Biography

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Sir Richard Hawkins
Sir Richard Hawkins was an explorer, soldier and privateer. He followed in his father footsteps and became a well-respected mariner. He explored his whole live and never stopped looking for adventure out on the open see. We began with his live on land, then his maritime days and last end up at why he was such an important explorer and sea farer. Sir Richard Hawkins life began in Plymouth around 1562 to Katherine and John Hawkins. His dad was a famous Elizabethan explorer. Richard Hawkins never went to school. He grew up in the company of many mariners, including his father, William Hawkins, his uncle and Sir Walter Raleigh, learning about the sea and its trade. When he was 22 he went on his first voyages with his uncle, William, to Brazil. This was the start of Richards Hawkins expeditions and life on see. Richard Hawkins married Judith (Dame) Hele and had 6 children. The first, born in Deptford in 1592 was Judith, and then came Margret in 1603, John in1604, Richard, Johan 1607 and Mary. He bought the house and manor of Poole and Slapton located between Dartmouth and Start Point. This is where you spent the years of 1603 to 1605 writing a book called “Observations on His Voyage into the South Seas, AD 1593”. Richard at the age of 58 he continued his need for adventure by leading and expedition to the Mediterranean against the Barbary or North African pirates. Richard died on April 17, 1622 at the age of 60 in Slapton England. Richard Hawkins had many adventures at sea and continued to for as long as he lived. While on his trip to Brazil with his uncle, he captained one ship and was second command of another. They arrived back in Plymouth in November of 1582 with a bounty of around 8000.000 crowns. His next captaining job was of the Duck which carried of 240 guns of Spain’s and forced Spain to concentrate on strengthening their colonies defense. 2 years later he was captain his own ship called the Swallow, which he led against the...
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