US History Before 1877

Topics: Aztec, Slavery, Quetzalcoatl Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Megan Kight
US History before 1877

1. Henry the Navigator was the prince/king of Portugal. His mother convinces him to take over Portugal. He starts with Morocco. He decided to invest in the University. He studies sailing. People are now attracted to learn about sailing as well. He goes to Portugal, and makes his way down to Africa. He learns longitude. Two merchants go to Ethiopia to find Prestor John. They run across Muslim merchants that tell them they can get around Africa, and send message to Henry. 2. Montezuma was the king of the Aztec empire. He saw Cortez’ arrival, and mistakes him as myth God Quetzalcoatl. This God was banished centuries before and assured he would reappear the year that Cortez did. They meet him, and spoil him. He is even told he needs gold, so he can “eat” it. Cortez uses this to his advantage and claims all Spanish people are Gods. He kills 15,000 Mexicans. He wants to replace the altars with crucifixes, which bother Aztecs. He takes over empire. 3. Spice Trade was between the Europeans, and Muslims; even though they weren’t very fond of the Muslims. Spice was used for smell, food and even medicine. Italy would receive spice until Turks over-powered Greece. People would get spice by Slave Trade along the Black Sea. Some people even made paintings for Spice. The marketplace held spice dealers.

4. Puritans were a cult of pilgrims. They moved to Chesapeake for more land, and grew Tobacco. Children are taught about Hell at a young age. They believe that god is perfect, and all-knowing, mankind is utterly sinful, and God is merciful. They believed in not talking to people outside of the group, and if you were caught gambling, you would be shunned. They eventually go to Holland for religious freedom, and then Plymouth Rock, or “city on the hill”. They would swap their children at the age of seven. England did not like them.

5. Articles of Confederation was a contract to not do anything without the...
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