Single Sex School

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Once again, the public sector seems to be following the lead of the private sector. This time, it is the concept of Single Sex education as a viable option for some kids, which has caused those within public education to sit up and take note.

Coed Education has been a basic foundation dogma in public education throughout the 20th century. It was based on the firmly held conviction that in educating boys and girls, separate cannot be equal. In recent years, the only exception has been when occasionally all girl classes have been allowed expressly for compensatory purposes, to make up for perceived past inequities believed to have been disadvantageous to girls.

However, a news story this month reported that President Bush’s education bill, just signed into law, includes a section with the purpose of exploring ways that single sex education might be allowed by current law in public schools. Of course this is going to be controversial, but it is the first serious crack I have seen in the public school dogma that coed is the only way to provide equality in education. Part of the justification for this section being put into law was pointing to the accomplishments of the private sector where single sex education has often been found to be very beneficial for some children.

Part of what they must be referring to is the success and consequent popularity of Single Sex education in the parent-choice network of Therapeutic/Emotional Growth Schools and Programs during the last ten years. The reason for the popularity of Single Sex education, especially among schools for children with behavioral/emotional problems, is that many children have done measurably better in Single Sex classses than they were doing in coed schools. This trend in private parent-choice schools and programs has been reported on many times in Woodbury Reports over the years.

The first time I observed the advantages of Single Sex education for children with problems was...
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