Single Sex Educational

Topics: Gender, Education, High school Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: April 21, 2013
single sex educational

Men have been controlling society for a long time. They have always been in the first row, have more job opportunities, and they are more likely to get the most noteworthy places in society like ministerial places. However, in the beginning of the ninetieth century women got some of their rights like, they were available to go to school and get a job outside the home, but recently women have been fighting to have their rights fully, and to prove that they are deserved to have an equitable life as men. Having single-sex education, which is segregated schools, can play a big role of improving the women status, and enhance their self-confidence. Counter to, co-educational.

There is discrimination between males and females in co-educational schools. According to Myra Sadker & David Sadker," . . . elementary and secondary teachers give far more active teaching attention to boys than girls" (1990, p.177). Females students in this delicate stages are full of energy; therefore, they need to be encouraged to succeed, get more self-confidence and to build their personalities. For sure this affect on their achievement too. That bias for boys could cause problems for girls like hate or even stop going to school. However, in single sex-education they will be dealt equally without gender issues.

Insofar as, there are different levels of understanding or evaluative feedback between males and females students. There should not be gender bias from teachers for students. Sadker & Sadker say "The pattern of evaluative feedback given to boys and girls in the classroom can result directly in girls' greater tendency to view failure feedback as indicative of their level of ability". (1990, p.179). The bias can destroy the moral of female students and destroys their ability to progress and succeed and lose their self-confidence and their ability to accomplish their goals. In addition to all the other kinds of bias, which foil their...
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