Gender Roles: Fundamentally Flawed

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Gender Roles: Fundamentally Flawed
Our country was founded on the principle that “All men are created equal.” While this notion sounds wonderful in theory, it is fundamentally flawed. Nothing could be farther from the truth in reality of the United States of America. Every aspect of our society, whether it be race, education, sexual orientation or gender, there has always been at least one thing that separates and initiates a certain group to face discrimination. Throughout history women have always been discriminated by men; even in the statement which our Declaration of Independence was grounded upon separated men from women. Nowhere in that document will you find, “All men and women are created equal.” However discrimination of women goes back in time further then that; for centuries women have been denied advancements in social authority due to unfair gender roles. To clarify, gender roles are established behavioral norms that are considered fitting for a particular sex. Although these roles vary from different cultures, in America most men adhere to masculine gender roles while women obey feminine gender roles. This system of gender roles generally causes men to dominate women, although the feminist movement has begun to change the status quo for women. Despite the feminist efforts for gender equity, Linda Hirschman proclaims “Feminism has largely failed in its goals. There are few women in the corridors of power, and marriage is essentially unchanged” (402). Gender roles are a form of social segregation aimed towards women that forces them into household responsibilities, causes them to be seen as objects and allows advertising to objectify them which dehumanizes all women. Traditional gender roles give men all social and political power. The world is changing and so must these roles. Women are becoming more educated, more successful and should not be held back any longer because of unfair gender roles. There is data proving that women are graduating from...
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