Similarities & Differences of Images of Twin Tower & Revolutionary War

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Boston Tea Party, World Trade Center Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Similarities & Differences of images of Twin Tower & Revolutionary War

There are many similarities and differences of the images of the Twin Towers & Revolutionary War. The similarities in the images are smoke, Americans, death, enemies, fire, & tragedy. The main differences of the images are the time era, one is a war, one is a attack on America, one caused death by guns and cannons, & one caused death by 2 planes crashing into the twin towers. Both of these events have the similarities of being tragedies and important events in US history. They also have the similarities of happening with foreign countries, they both happened in the USA, and they were both in different eras. In both images you can see the events happen with foreign countries. In 1775 on April 19th Revolutionary War started between the British & the Colonists over how much control the government had over the colonists. The colonists rebelled against the British in the Boston Tea Party, which lead up to the Revolutionary War. On September 11, 2001 a terrorist attack from Islam occurred. The reason for 9/11 occurring is not sure, but our government says its is a blowback for our interference with the other nations business. Both of these tragic events occurred in the USA. The first shots were shot at Lexington Green in Lexington, Massachusetts. By the time the war ended the estimate number of deaths were 130,000 at the least. The tragedy of 9/11 occurred in New York, New York. Four flights crashed into the twin towers killing 2,996 people. Another thing that these tragedies differ in is the era they occurred in. The Revolutionary war occurred in 1775. In 1775 the technology was not nearly as advance as it was the so when the war started not many people new about it, it could have been weeks before some people knew the war had started. The technology that was created by 9/11/2011 was much more advance than that of 1775 which means the news of 9/11 occurred more rapid than that of...
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