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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents3
What This Is4
Whom to Contact4
Dynamic Pricing Procedure4
Step Details7
1.Check Header Price List7
2.Raise Expired Error8
3.Raise Not Effective Error8
4.Customizable Product Roll-Down9
5.Get List Price10
6.Get Root Price List Item Id16
7.Split Unpriced Actions17
8.Customizable Product Adjustment17
9.Start = List19
10.Matrix Adjustment19
11.Invalid Combination?21
12.Display Invalid Combination Error21
13.Split Service Products21
14.Discount Non-Service Products21
15.Update Covered Product Net Prices22
16.Price Service Products22
17.Discount Service Products23
18.Merge Service Products23
19.Get MPT Prices23
20.Merge Un-priced Actions24
21.Roll-down Bundle Prices24
22.Customizable Product Roll-Up25

What This Is

This document explains, in detail, all of the steps and the input arguments to each step in the ‘Dynamic Pricing Procedure’ workflow process.

This document assumes the reader is well versed with the Siebel 7.8 Pricing Management application.

This document was written for the “Dynamic Pricing Procedure” workflow process from the 19017 build. Whom to Contact


Dynamic Pricing Procedure

Please refer to the PSP L2 Tech presentation for further information on each of the transforms.


Below is a list of the steps in the Dynamic Pricing Procedure, as well as the business service and method that is called:

NameTypeBusiness ServiceMethodSubprocessDescription
Check Header Price ListBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceQuery TransformDetermine if the header Price List is expired or not yet effective Raise Expired ErrorBusiness ServicePricing ManagerRaise Price List Expired ErrorHalt execution and provide error message to user if the header Price List is expired. Raise Not Effective ErrorBusiness ServicePricing ManagerRaise Price List Not Effective ErrorHalt execution and provide error message to user if the header Price List is not yet effective Determine Pricing ActionBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceConditional Action TransformDetermine which pricing actions to take based on Action Code. Get List PriceBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceSimple Look-Up TransformGet the list price for each row in the row set. Append other values from the Price List Item BC to the row. Get Root Price List Item IdBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceHierarchical TransformPut the CP root Price List Item id on each component of the CP for later use Split Unpriced ActionsBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceSplit TransformMove those rows with an action code that should not be priced to another row set that will not be priced throughout the procedure. Customizable Product Roll-DownBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceHierarchical TransformCalculate the quantity of a component product of hierarchical product (CP, Package Product, and Bundle Product) Start = ListBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceConditional Action TransformInitialize the start price value as the list price value Attribute AdjustmentBusiness ServiceRow Set Transformation Toolkit ServiceDynamic Lookup TransformApply attribute adjustments to the start price Invalid Combination?Decision PointDetermine if there was an invalid combination for the attribute adjustment matrix Display Invalid Combination ErrorBusiness ServiceDynamic Matrix Retrieval ServiceThrow Invalid Combination ErrorHalt execution of procedure...
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