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Marketing Report
Marketing report of Espresso House Sweden AB

NAME: 000001377
Course: Mrkt101
Lecturer: Chris Dutt
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Table of contents
1.0 Introductionp. 3
2.0 Espresso Houses Marketing Mix
2.1 Promotionp. 4
2.2 Pricep. 4
2.3 Productp. 4
2.4 Placep. 4
2.5 Processp. 5
2.6 Peoplep.5
3.0 Characteristics of the company
3.1 Products/servicesp. 5
3.2 Variability in the business p. 6 3.3 Working togetherp. 6 3.4 Owing a service, renting a cupp. 6
3.5 The different seasonsp. 6
4.0 Position in existing and future marketsp. 7
5.0 Collection of marketing information p. 8
6.0 Position within chained cafés p. 8
7.0 Process of service qualityp. 9
8.0 How to satisfy guestsp. 9
9.0 Critics and conclusionp. 10
10.0 References p. 11
11.0 Appendixp. 13
12.0 Tablesp. 14

A lot of people know that Swedish people is one of the main coffee consumer in the world, by drinking 3,2 cups of coffee each day this and to have a specific word for having a coffee, “fika”. There for there is a lot of companies in Sweden which main business is to provide a good cup of coffee; one of those companies is Espresso House. (Bruzelius, Johansson, 2012) The company Espresso House is not an old company; the first Espresso House coffee shop in Sweden was opened 1996 in Lund, one of the biggest student cities in the southern parts of Sweden. Its owners Charles and Elisabet Asker had the thought to start a small coffee shop to provide their slogan “att ge världens bästa gäst världens bästa kaffeupplevelse”(Espresso House, 2012), which means, giving the best guest in the world the best coffee experience. At Espresso House there is no customers, only guests. The chain Espresso House operates in 25 different cities in Sweden and have 120 different coffee shops spread in those cities. (Espresso House, 2012)

Espresso House’s Market Mix

* Promotion
Espresso House use a marketing strategy, which contains tools as world of mouth, where they rely on their loyal guests to speak good about their coffee experience. The company does not rely on WOM (word of mouth), they also take the opportunity when opening new coffee shops to sample coffee and small pieces of pastry’s, promoting the new shop or boosting for an existing shop. When sampling they sometimes as well hand out smaller offers, as buying one latte get one for free or vouchers for a free coffee (Attachment 1). Espresso House use as well social medias, such as Facebook and Twitter. (Nyheter-Pressmeddelande, Espresso House, 2011)

* Price
Espresso House maintain a secure level on their pricing, which is a little bit higher then other foodservice chains as 7-elven, Pressbyrån and Mc Donald’s; this since Espresso House focus heavily on coffee and the quality of every cup served. Espresso House provide their guests with customized coffee for each guest, as an extra shot of coffee or flavoured; this is something that other foodservice chains is unable to offer their guests.

* Product
The products provided in the shops include all the nutrition charts and ingredients, so the guests are able to se what is included in the products. Espresso House offer more intangible products then tangible; intangible products as their coffee and service are the main revenue for the shops/company. The different shops even sell other product related to the business, such as coffee beans, different types of coffee machines for the guest to take the experience home; but this is more of ancillary revenue for the company. (Vaart Kaffe, Espresso House, 2012)

* Place
Espresso House is as mentioned earlier located in 25 different cities and in almost all of those coffee shops they distribute and produce their products such as sandwiches,...
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