Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

Topics: Surgery, Plastic surgery, Immune system Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, like most of medicine, was a work in progress for centuries. Now people are paying top dollar to modify their body, everything from their face to their stomach to even their buttocks. The question one must consider before making a decision to change physically is, are the side effects worth it? Under going plastic surgery can open-doors for bacterial or viral infections, allergic reactions from medications to result in unwanted scars, irreversible nerve damage, internal bleeding, and death of the skin due to hematomas, and necrosis. So many people all around the world are turning to plastic surgery to reconstruct or alter their bodies without knowing the harmful, sometimes deadly side effects.

Many people think just because they are getting one type of plastic surgery and not the other, they are less likely to acquire any of the side effects; they are wrong. No matter if one is going to get liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast implants, face-lifts, or a general body lifting procedure, they are exposing their body to all the harmful side effects.

In order for a plastic surgeon to start a procedure, they must first make a point of entry to the inside of the body better known as an incision. When the skin is cut, it is automatically exposed to thousands of airborne bacteria, and viral pathogens (more commonly known as germs). An infection is a harmful colonization of foreign organisms that uses the host’s (skin) resources to multiply and interferes with normal functioning of the host. This process can potentially cause chronic wounds and gangrene. Not to mention the bacteria that one could contract from the tools used for the surgery that might have not been properly cleaned or sterilized. No matter how good or how much education a plastic surgeon could have received, there is always a possibility for errors. A cut made within the incision, whether intentional, or not can be left without being properly closed....
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