Plastic Surgery

Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Reconstructive surgery Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: March 29, 2013
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Nowadays, the trend of surgery plastic gets increasing higher and higher. There has been widespread speculation have had plastic surgery. However, they did not realize serious effects that plastic surgery can cause yet. It can make you bankrupt, damage your health and intimidate society. Because of that, everybody must awake and fight for the beauty that is not gone under the knife. One of the most basic bad effects of plastic surgery is money problem. People who afford to change their image have to pay a large of money. They spent a thousand or even million dollars asking operation for raise the bridge of nose, make the eyes appear larger, etc. Even though a big money is invest for money for restoring process. In addition, they must check their surgical status every month to make sure it is still perfect. If not, it can make a big trouble and take them to another surgery to fix it. In addition to plastic surgery’s adverse effects, people’s health may impact seriously after having operation. Firstly, the medicine’s components that were pumped into the body can change parts of body’s activities. For example, their body can react strongly to food that is need for the body and make them vomit. And the result is they feel tired all of time. Secondly, they get cancer as easy as a pie. Because the surgical medicine time is invalid, some of raw materials combine together and cause a harmful tumour that brings about pains, even death. These consequences reflected clearly a negative side in human‘s health. Finally, crimes may take advantages of plastic surgery as a illegal tool. They can change their identity after committing. It is very simple to burgle a bank or kill someone publicly. Instead of being arrested, these people undergo a surgical makeover and then exit a country with a new face. Then, they will conspire more and more evil plans. Moreover, this troubles society seriously. Everybody does not trust in anyone because it may be a infamous crime. They...
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