Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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Throughout the paper a complete argument as to why people should not get cosmetic surgery will be explained. Starting with the history of cosmetic surgery and why it is around, leading into the basis of the argument and an explanation of the definitions that need to be defined. After the basics then there will be a case study that goes into the different types of dangers that occur from different types of cosmetic surgery (another definition for plastic surgery). Finishing the paper with statistics and one more case study that will further explain the point of why others should avoid having their body altered. All the history and background information comes from different history sites, the dangers and statistics come from medical sites and the cosmetic surgery gone wrong stories come from different news papers in the last six years.

Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong
The human race has an unrealistic expectation for physical perfection. Physical perfection is that model we see in the magazine or the actors that are on the television. Physical perfection is never having a blemish, or bad hair day, or being over a size six. Physical perfection is never having a scar, until you go under the knife and that hope for physical perfection is destroyed by the scar that is always left. Cosmetic surgery has been around for hundreds of years, through ancient times, the middle ages, the renaissance, and through the world wars. The only things about cosmetic surgery that have changed are the ways surgeons go about doing the procedures (Beautiful Body: A History of Plastic Surgery). Cosmetic surgery, things like, Botox, breast augmentation, nose jobs, liposuction, and face lifts, might sound good in theory, but in reality the risks of going under the knife far outweigh the rewards. Cosmetic surgery should not be an option to everybody, but only an option in very severe cases. To explain, medically necessary cosmetic surgery should be allowed. What constitutes as...
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