Ugly People Should Be Forced to Undergo Plastic Surgery

Topics: Subject, Need, Person Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: January 7, 2013
In my essay I am going to write about issue concerning to ugly people. Are they should be forced to undergo plastic surgery? In my opinion, definitely yes! It is really hard to be ugly person. Such person experiences many sad things. I will try to prove, that forcing ugly people to do something with their appearance, is good for society. First of all, contemporary world is cruel, especially employment world. When you are ugly, and you want to apply for some interesting for you job, it is certain that your application will not be considered. You could only get job, that does not need good appearance, like janitor or gravedigger. You could also make success in television, particularly in a documentary programs or in shows, where you would be the subject to laugh at. Also with your unfavorable appearance you may not have any friends. Who would like to be your friend? Nobody. This kind of friendship exists only if the good looking person has some interest in it. Contemporary society is going to be a pretty society. Society, where people are happy, everyone has a job and nobody complain for nothing, thus no one want to meet with ugly people, to do not disturb their perfect world. To sum up. Contrary to the saying that you should not judge the book by its cover, appearance is a primary factor that has a huge impact on people’s life. Thus, people should be forced to undergo plastic surgery to make world prettier.
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