Sick Plants

Topics: Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis, Water Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 29, 2013
From my research, I think the plant in the solution containing all nutrients will have the fastest / most successful growth, and the control group / water solution will have the least growth as it doesn’t have any of its necessary nutrients.

The independent variable will be the solution the plants are put in to begin with. All other conditions will be kept the same, such as temperature, sunlight, length of shoot, time space left. I will have a control group which will be a shoot placed in a test tube of distilled water, with no minerals so we can see the effects of each mineral solely.

My results vary slightly from my predictions. The control water group reflects my hypothesis, with near to no growth due to the mineral deficiencies within the solute. The tube containing Nitrogen has a very small and weak stem, and the tube containing Magnesium successfully grew large green leaves, supporting scientific evidence of plants using magnesium for chlorophyll production [later used in photosynthesis]. The tube containing Calcium had stunted and minimal stem and root growth, and barely grew at all over the week period.

The orange plant in Figure 1 shows darker lines along the middle of the leaves, with dark lines branching out. The edges of the leaves are very pale green. This matches the coverage of xylem vessels in leaves, following the centre and branching out towards the edge of the leaves. This is also known as a vascular bundle. The green pigment present in plant leaves is called Chlorophyll, and the mineral required in production of this is Magnesium. In this orange plant, there is a lack of magnesium, which is shown by the outer edges of the leaves being less green, meaning the magnesium isn’t reaching these places and therefore chlorophyll isn’t being produced, thus stunting photosynthesis and making the leaves pale.

A way to solve this will be giving the plant magnesium supplements when watering, like plant...
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