The Effect of Salt Concentration on Grass Growth

Topics: Seed, Bean, Water Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: April 20, 2012
The effect of salt concentration on grass growth
Our aim was to test the effect of different salinities on the growth of plants which what we did was measured different amounts of salt dissolved into 2 litres of water, watered the plant once with the salt water then for 9 days with pure ware. I found with my investigation that the less the salt, the more the growth of the plant. My aim was achieved by measuring the 5 fastest geminating (out of 20) and to measure the differences in growth of the plant. I also had a few difficulties in the duration of this experiment which were the sunlight on the plants direct which made the plants to begin to die and also the highest salinity plant was not growing. Introduction

High salinity in the root zone effects the growth of many plant species (stunted growth), low salinity in the root zone affects the growth of this type of plant (higher growth) and/or no effect on both. Total growth and leaf area are affected. Different plant species may have different tolerances to salinity; in this case we are geminating mung beans, Still the high amounts of salt concentration that are present can cause the Mung beans germination rate to grow poorly and cause it to die at a faster rate. Having salt water in the roots can have an effect of less water being absorbed in which causes the plant to dry out. (1) Mung bean plants grow up to 18 to 36 inches this investigation will show if different amounts of salt (Nacl) will affect the growth of the average Mung Bean. (2)The average mung bean growth without any salt concentrations is 2 to 3 feet long. (3) This Experiment was carried out to see if Saltwater had affects to Mung beans and their growth. The Main aim of this experimental Investigation is to test the theory that Mung Bean growth is affected if there are High amounts of Salt in the water present in the plant. The 5 different parts to this experiment will be to set up 5 Groups of Mung Beans and in each one a different Salt...
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