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CrossIron Mills provides a private shuttle service for exclusive use of transporting current employees to and from their place of work. This is a private service that requires current proof of employment to be produced in order to purchase fare. CrossIron Mills does not provide intercity/regional transportation to members of the public. If you have questions or concerns regarding public transportation in your municipality, we encourage you to contact your local city or county council. LOCATIONS ROUTE #1 Dalhousie (5005 Dalhousie Dr. NW, the LRT lot) Harvest Hills Park & Ride (corner of Harvest Hills Blvd N & Country Village Way NE) ROUTE #2 Métis Trail & 64th Avenue NE LRT Station ROUTE #3 Airdrie (Sierra Springs Drive SE, east-side of the Co-Op Store) Employees MUST purchase a pass prior to boarding the Shuttle, NO PASS = NO RIDE. Passes are purchased at the Guest Services centre located inside CrossIron Mills. CURRENT PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT MUST BE PRESENTED TO PURCHASE A PASS (pay-stub, offer letter, letter from your Manager.) It is your responsibility to provide proof of employment. Phone calls to Managers, etc. will not be accepted. ONE –WAY TICKET = $1.50 MONTHLY PASS = $50.00

 For current CrossIron Mills employee use only, no exceptions (NO PUBLIC, NO INTERVIEWEES)  Passes must be purchased prior to using the Shuttle, No pass = no ride  Passes are purchased at the Guest Services Centre at CrossIron Mills. Proof of employment at CrossIron Mills is MANDATORY (pay stub, offer letter, letter from Manager) to purchase a pass  First come, first serve for boarding the bus  The only shuttle drop-off location at CrossIron Mills is at Entry #2  Buses are branded with CrossIron Mills logos. At times when buses are in for maintenance, white First Student Canada buses are used  Schedule available on  Schedule created at...
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