Light Rail and Jackson Square

Topics: Light rail, Rapid transit, James Street Pages: 9 (3410 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Geography 1HB3
Human Geography: City and Economy

Proposal for Light Rail Transit in North-South Hamilton

Instructor: Dr. Walter Peace
TA: Victoria
Lab Day & Time: Wednesday 9:30-11:20am
Date of Submission: Wednesday November 28, 2012

All members have read and abided by the guidelines in the field work guide.

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Assignment #2 - Proposal for Light Rail Transit in North-South Hamilton Table of Contents
Background of Nature of Proposed LRT for Hamilton1
Proposed Route5
Rejected Alternative Route8
Location of Proposed LRT Stations9
Light Rail Transit Route14
Jackson Square Train Platform15
Field Notes and Sketch Maps of 3 Chosen Locations23
Visual Depiction of Three Platform Stations…………………………………………………….26

Assignment #2 - Proposal for Light Rail Transit in North-South Hamilton Introduction
This proposal outlines the potential development of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system for Northern to Southern formal region of Hamilton. LRT has 2 main routes that are being proposed; East-West route running from Eastgate Square Mall to McMaster University and North-South route running from Hamilton International Airport to Hamilton Harbour. The proposed system enclosed within this report will run from Hamilton International Airport to Hamilton Harbour. The report will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed route in depth, as well as specific rejected routes. In addition, the report will go into detail of three chosen locations, which will discuss why the location was chosen, area amenities, as well as the pros and cons of the station selected. Furthermore, two maps are attached within the report, as well as site photography to help visualize the selected route and selected stop locations. Background on Nature of Proposed Light Rail Transit for Hamilton LRT is a public transportation train that provides rapid, environmentally friendly services dedicated for the City of Hamilton. LRT was first introduced to the city in 2007 as “MoveOntario 2020,” and is now known as “Metrolinx” by the Ontario Provincial Government. (Hamilton Light Rail, 2012). LRT is an electric railway system characterized by its ability to operate single cars or short trains along exclusive right-of-way at street level. These vehicles are usually powered by overhead electrical wires and offer a frequent, fast, reliable, comfortable and high quality service that is environmentally sustainable (Light Rail Technology Analysis). Research has indicated that implementing local rail transits is a catalyst for economic development, thus creating new neighbourhoods, renovating older ones, and leads to more attraction to local businesses (Stephen). Initially, the system was proposed to North America by engineer Dean Quinby. Quinby, part of the San Francisco team, designed America’s first local LRT system known as “Bay Area Rapid Transit,” or BART (Thompson). The concept behind LRT is to relieve areas that contain heavy traffic density, with railway transportation that would increase speed and passenger capacity, which would be constructed via light infrastructure. Essentially, LRT is designed to provide rapid transit throughout the GTA and Hamilton by integrating light rail lines within the city to provide an efficient, more feasible mode of public transportation. The proposed system will increase land value by fourteen percent within 800 metres of the line and particularly close within proximity to station areas. (Hamilton Rapid Transit). In addition, the system will also create approximately 6,000 construction jobs within the city and will need 1000 maintenance workers when the transit system is established (Hamilton Rapid Transit). The proposed modern light rail system in Hamilton is not similar to the system seen in Toronto, as...
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