Shrinkage: Warehouse and Account

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I am a consultant; few days ago the manager came and told me that their warehouse was missing some inventories. He thought that the inventories were theft by their employees and he wanted me to help him solve this problem.

From all the information what I heard from him, I do not totally agree with his said that the inventories were stolen by his employees. What I want to do is to collect all the information and to analysis all these information, then try to find out why those inventories were missed.

First, sort and count. The reason I do this is trying to find out how many inventories were missed and what kinds of inventories were missed.

Second, check the inventory account. After we sort and count the inventory, we want to make sure that whether our accounts are correct. And then we have to options, first the account has some mistake, and then fix the account. Second, the account has no mistake; we can do the next step.

Third, check the sale account, after we make sure that the inventory’s account is correct. We should check the sale account. Affirm the entire bill was in that account. Whether some people take the goods but they were not pay yet.

Fourth, calculate the damage and specimen. To calculate the damage, sample and lost, we cannot ignore this part.

Fifth, check the camera. To check the camera, maybe someone steal something from the inventory.

After finish all these step, we could know what happened in this store and know whether their employee were theft. I do not think that distrust their employee at first time is good. We need evidence to support the assumption.
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