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Topics: Project management, Inventory, Cost-benefit analysis Pages: 10 (2140 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Business Case

Income Generating Programs (IGP) Ordering
and Inventory System
Barcode Scanner


Ronnel M. Rivera
Rochelle Joyce A. Relato
Augusto Q. Villagonzalo

March 01,2013

Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary2
1.2.Anticipated Outcomes2
2.Business Case Analysis Team4
3.Problem Definition4
3.1.Problem Statement4
3.2.Organizational Impact5
3.3.Technology Migration5
4.Project Overview6
4.1.Project Description6
4.2.Goals and Objectives7
4.3.Project Performance7
4.4.Project Assumptions8
4.5.Project Constraints8
4.6.Major Project Milestones8
5.Strategic Alignment9
6.Cost Benefit Analysis9
7.Alternatives Analysis11

Executive Summary

This business case outlines how the CECS evaluation system will address current business concerns, the benefits of the project, and recommendations and justification of the project. The business case also discusses detailed project goals, performance measures, assumptions, constraints, and alternative options.


The Income Generating Program (IGP) is responsible for handling the process of ordering of the students some of the school supplies like school uniforms, books and etc. They also need to record al the transactions and to inventory all of their stocks. We observed that the process of the inventory and recording of transaction is done manually. we observed also the continued occurrence of a high number of data errors, Poor and untimely reporting. The only automated is their process of providing receipt for the students.

Anticipated Outcomes

With these problems, we conceive the idea of creating a automated ordering and inventory system that will help the IGP employees making the ordering and inventory process more reliable and faster. We also consider the security that we would like to provide for all transaction and records, and the proponents also consider on the design of the system to make each phase more user friendly for the end user. The proponents also add the barcode tracking system which is beneficial. For inventory purposes, the system's speed allows tracking to be done quickly. At checkout lines, barcodes can be scanned to immediately identify the cost of goods, so clerks don't have to type in prices. Customers don't have to wait longer when someone is purchasing several items. Every time a barcode is scanned, the item is immediately logged within the appropriate inventory.


The LAN-based platform is compatible with the employees because of the high technology existing today and will improve the efficiency and accuracy of recording and inventory of stocks. Some of the ways that this system will achieve its desired results are:

The employee get the order of the students quickly faster.

They can also archive past transactions.
the system can shows the specific amounts of items available on hand in the inventory •automatic updates in terms of the current number of items available, the expiry dates on the items as the dates approach, and the reminders when purchases should be made. •The system can genarate inventory and sales reports.


We expect to this system that it will help the employees of the IGP to make their job easier and easier. Our basis for this study is that we identify some problems about the existing system.

Business Case Analysis Team

The following individuals comprise the business case analysis team. They are responsible for the analysis and creation of the IGP Ordering and inventory system using Barcode scanner business case. FunctionNameRole

Is the one whose responsible for the planning, organization, resource management and discipline pertaining to the successful...
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