The Effects of Information Systems in an Organization

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The Effects of Information Systems in an Organization
XACC/210 - Accounting Information Systems

The Effects of Information Systems in an Organization
The company that I am going to speak about is the “xxxxxxxxxxx.” I worked in a managerial position for upward of 12 years for their chain store called “xxxxxx.” In the first five years of my employment, my company required me to count the number of cases received each week in our shipment. The delivery driver would scan the cases and hand me the paperwork to sign. The main warehouse would receive a copy of the paperwork from the delivery driver and then would proceed to enter the data in our system. It was an easy system.

The problems arose when I opened the cases and found empty boxes inside. According to my company’s and the driver’s accounting system, all items were received. I, along with many other managers, complained to our home office because our jobs depended on our loss prevention numbers. The store managers were held accountable for missing inventory at the end of the year. Around year six, the company provided the managers with their own scanner. This enabled us not only to electronically count the cases, but also to scan the contents. This new accounting system helped to keep our inventory counts accurate and hold the drivers accountable for financial loses. It did take longer to receive inventory but, the feeling of job security was well worth the effort. It is easier to achieve your work goals when you do not have stress over things that are out of your control.

The “xxxxxxx” can still take their accounting system a step further. For instance, the delivery drivers started complaining about their inventory numbers not adding up. The driver’s company was taking a financial loss because “xxxxxxx did The Effects of Information Systems in an Organization

not pay for any items not scanned into inventory. Some of the store managers started taking advantage of having a...
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