Should Television Be Banned from Children

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Should Television be banned from children?

Television nowadays contains violent, sexual and other themes that may not be appropriate for children. Every day in the morning when most of the children wake up, the first thing they do while waiting to get breakfast or even eating breakfast the T.V is on. Even after get home they probably get a snack but then click on the T.V... Should children watch these inadequate shows or should parents forbid this?

There are claims that watching TV as start of a day leads to a distraction during school day. Children go to school and still thinking of the cool show they are watched in the morning. Some TV shows contains inappropriate information and social issues have been arisen regarding this subject. We get reports of violent attacks by children and sexual assaults on children by children being exposed to things at a younger age than they should have been.

Debatably, Television can in fact be very informative and an asset to one's education. For instance there are many intellectual programs, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, etc. In fact many channels are established for educational purposes alone. Television can also be a great tool for entertainment and education

Parents can and are responsible for limiting the amount of television one watches in terms of maintaining productivity.  If TV at any way interferes with one's success, individuals have the right and self-authority to monitor their TV intake to an appropriate level.
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