Should Students Be Allowed to Evaluate Teachers' Work?

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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It is agued that Teachers always have a high level than students so they don’t have enough experience to evaluate teachers’ work. One more thing, evaluating teachers’ work sometimes is not objective because of students’ personal feeling; some students do not like their teacher when they receive bad mark and something like that. However, students should be allowed to evaluate teachers’ work for many reasons. Firstly, it seems to be more equal in evaluating of teaching and learning, teachers and students also have right to evaluate each other. This may be help students and teachers reach to a more effective method for teaching and learning. Secondly, through students’ evaluation, teachers know what students like or dislike about the class. They realize what is problem of student in studying and discover activities that students enjoy as well. Therefore, teachers find out ways that reach students and avoid ways that do not. For example, they can change the way they present a lecture or a talk. Or they can encourage students to participate in activities they like. All of these things are to improve classes to meet students’ demand. Thirdly, students receive direct interaction from teacher, they get in touch with their teachers everyday. They witness teachers’ the daily behavior and the way of teaching directly so they can have a realer evaluation. In fact, when administrators observe a class, the teacher and students are on their best behavior, it is artificial. Therefore, it is impossible to fully evaluate the day-to-day atmosphere. To sum-up, students should be allowed to evaluate teachers’ work
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