State the Different Assessment Methods Available and Explain the Ones You Would Use for Your Subject Area, Including Reference to Initial Assessment. State the Types of Assessment Records You Would Complete and Explain Why.

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Bev Barker

Theory task 7/PTTLS level 3 456 Words

State the different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area, including reference to initial assessment. State the types of assessment records you would complete and explain why.

As a trainer it has become very evident to me that assessment is a critical component of education and as such it is essential that I continuously monitor a learner’s progress to help me to identify where they are and if my teaching methods are moving individual students on. Teaching and learning are reciprocal processes that depend on and affect one another. Assessment deals with how well the students are learning and how well the teacher is teaching. The purposes of assessment are

• To assist the learner’s learning

• To identify learner’s strengths and weaknesses

• To assess the effectiveness of a particular teaching strategy or method

• To assess and improve the effectiveness of a curriculum program

• To assess and improve teaching effectiveness

• To provide data that assist in decision making

• To communicate with and involve the learner in his or her learning.

There are three assessment methods, all of which help to assist the trainer in gaining a better understanding of where a learner is in his or her journey.

• Diagnostic Assessment – To ascertain, prior to teaching, each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and skills. Once established I can tailor my teaching methods to suit and meet the needs of each learners needs. I can do this quite easily by asking students, prior to teaching to fill in a questionnaire or write an essay on why they want to attend the course.

• Formative Assessment – This is a self reflective process that intends to promote student attainment. Assessment is considered formative when the feedback from learning activities is actually used to adapt the teaching to meet the...
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