Should Reporters Be Allowed to Write About the Private Lives of Public Figures

Topics: Privacy, Mind, Journalism Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: June 13, 2012
When you read the newspaper as you are on the way to work, what usually catches your eyes? Politics, finance or the news about celebrities? Reporters know well enough that there are readers who are particularly interested in knowing the private lives of public figures. And so they write a lot about them in order to gain markets and make profits. However, the privacy of public figures is invaded. Reporters, thus, should not be allowed to write about the private lives of public figures. Public figures, especially their right to privacy, should be respected. Pop stars provide entertainment to the public by their talents, not by their private lives or secrets. Politicians work for the government and are not supposed to expose their private lives. Logically and theoretically, the public should not be concerned about the daily lives of celebrities. But some are just too nosy that they want to know everything about public figures. Why don’t they bother to care about their neighbors but celebrities? It’s normal to talk about the latest album or political acts of celebrities. It’s also normal for the public to talk about the celebrities if he/she has committed a crime. These things worth attention as they are public matters. However, celebrities definitely don’t want the public to know something about their private lives. Reporters claim that imposing stringent laws will damage their professional career. But what is their ‘professionalism’? Is it for their self-interest or the public interest? They do everything to capture the ugliest side of celebrities. Paparazzi are willing to climb trees to take photos, look for any news in rubbish bins and even stalk stars in the hope of satisfying nosy readers. I doubt their professionalism. Moreover, reporters often use “freedom of press” as their shield, which is very foolish. What reporters are doing proves that they are actually abusing the freedom they have. They should consider the feeling of the person they are reporting...
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