Should Handphones Be Allowed in School?

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Should students bring handphones to school? Do you agree or disagree? Write your essay not more than 350 words.

The development of technology in this era of globalization has made a lot of contributions to the human nation and one of them to be named is hand hones. However, this electronic gadgets have its own pros and cons especially when it involve students, who have become the main and general user of this item. The issue of allowing handphones to be brought to school in Malaysia has been receiving different opinions and debates voiced out by various parties. In my point of view, I strongly disagree that students can bring handphones to school due to several reasons such as it being a distraction, the influence it brings and considering the self-esteem of students.

Handphones can be a huge distraction when it comes to students trying hard to concentrate on the learning process in class. Those interesting and fun applications available in it can cause students to pay more attention to the phone than to the subject being taught. Some may say that by having handphones around, they can get the latest information via internet. However, less likely this would happen as survey shows most of the students, no matter at what age, ended up doing other stuffs with the high-tech gadget. This soon will lead to a series of discipline problems as students tends to be more disrespectful to their teacher.

Next would be the influence brought by handphones to all students. Majority say that it would be good to bring handphones because right now, with the Internet, information is at your fingertips and it is all based on one’s self-discipline whether he or she will get distracted or not. Frankly, self-discipline is just an excuse to cover up. By bringing handphones to school , students tend to be influenced more easily especially during lesson, they might browse and watch rated videos and no one knows about it. Plus, if all students were to “use” their phones all the time...
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