Should Gays Be Allowed to Marry

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 4 (1482 words) Published: October 6, 2012
The Prusuit of Happiness! Should gays be allowed to marry?
Stacey Dockery
PHI103: Informal Logic (GSJ1231E)
Instructor Name: Daniel Beteta
September 3, 2012

Argumentative Essay on Gay Marriage
Marriage: a legally recognized relationship, established by civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners. Typically this is between a man and a woman, in love, as they come before their families, to pledge to spend the rest of their lives together. As times continue to evolve around the world so has the idea and laws concerning marriage. Marriage is no longer just about a man and a woman committing themselves to each other for life, it now encompasses, gay and lesbians as well, as they pledge to love, honor, and trust each other all the days of their lives. This argumentative essay will explore logically both sides of the debate on whether gays and lesbians should be extended the same rights of marriage as heterosexuals have. Marriage and Heterosexuals

The purpose of marriage has always been to join a man and a woman in matrimony so they can start and raise a family naturally. Marriage has occurred since the beginning of time in every culture. You meet, fall in love, get married and have babies. This belief of the 1950’s style marriage is how many young people see and view how they are supposed to live their adult lives. Marriage is a sacred act that a man and woman shares in front of their families, pledging their unending love for each other promising to cherish and keep only unto them as long as they both shall live. The Catholic Church teaches that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman. Catholism teaches us that “Marriage is a union of male and female that expresses the sexually complementarily willed belief of God for their marriage,” and see the natural structure of human sexuality between a man and a woman saying that they complement each other in expressing conjugal love and...
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