Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?

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Should cell phones be allowed in schools?
Nowaday, Many children have cell phones to talking on their phones and texting massages. It has become a part of everyday life. And children take the cell phone anywhere although going to schools. As far as I am concerned ph, students shouldn’t cell phone in schools for several reasons : too much of a temptation, cheating on tests, distractions for classmates.

1. Cell phones is too much of a temptation for some children. For instance ,game ,social network , and other applications. Specific 1 : Cell phone can get on facebook , play games, and other application in the class, it make students don’t want to study. Specific 2 : My opinion is that it's not good for the learning environment.

2. In addition, I understand that it can be used as a tool for learning , but someone don't. Cell phones could also provide cheating on tests.
Specific 1 : students would using the internet from cell phone to cheat on tests. Specific 2 : Students can texting the answers to other people during test.

3. The final problem of should cell phones be allowed in schools that it could also distractions for classmates

Specific 1 : Cell phones should not be allowed during school because it would be provide distractions for classmates. Specific 2 : if someone was talking on their phone while the teacher was talking, it would be difficult for the students to focus on the teacher.

In conclusion, it would not be a good idea to should cell phones be allowed in schools. I think that students will be a better learning if shouldn’t cell phone in schools.
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