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The following graph shows the statistics of motor vehicle theft in Malaysia from 1980 – 2010. From the graph it is clearly seen that the amount of motorcycles theft has been increasing drastically throughout the years compared to private cars theft. This might been caused by the fact that motorcycles are easy to be stolen compared to cars. But the amount of cars theft in 2010 has also been increased since 1980. Which means the activity of all vehicles theft has been increasing throughout the years.

To avoid from becoming a victim of vehicles theft, there are a few preventive measures that can be taken. The first measure is to avoid parking your vehicle in a secluded place. This goes for both motorcycles and private cars owner. You should always make sure that you park your vehicle at the well lit areas at night or if possible, park at places that you can see your vehicle.

The next measure is to install a tracking device such as GPS on vehicles. Although it does not stop the theft from stealing your vehicles but it surely helps in locating them back. The GPS enables the police to track the whereabouts of stolen vehicles as long as the thieves didn’t dismantle it right away after stealing the vehicle.

Vehicles owners also can install extra locks to their vehicle to avoid being stolen. For example car owners can install a steering lock while motorcycles comes with fork lock which is equivalent to car steering lock. This is an extra security to prevent their vehicle from the thieves. Extra locks mean extra work for the thieves to steal the vehicles and they might just change their mind from doing so.

For car owners, make sure to keep your belongings that you left in your car out of sight, including packages, boxes and sealed things because it can attract attention from thieves. You should always make sure that you lock your vehicles before leaving it.

Motorcycle owners should avoid parking next or between large trucks, SUVs or anything that can help cover thieves trying to steal your motorcycle. Use a chain and extra locks on the rim or stand or handle of your motorcycle. If you have to leave your motorcycle outside make sure to lock it to a pipe or something, put it around the back of the apartment buildings where someone just passing by can't see it.

Also when buying second-hand vehicles, it is good to take these precautionary steps to avoid purchasing stolen goods. Make sure the vehicle you are buying comes with original and complete documents. If in doubt about the vehicle you are buying, make a quick check with either the police or Road Transport Department for assurance. Do not be enticed or lured by the (cheap) price because most stolen vehicles are sold at a lower rate than the market price. Vehicle and motorcycle theft became serious as the statistic rising, as the owner we should keep aware the safety of our vehicles and motorcycle.

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Factory can cause many kind of pollution such as thermal pollution, chemical pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. We should protest against the plan of setting up a factory near our housing area as it is hazardous to all its residents. Electricity which is used in factory is generated by heat stored in the fossil fuels and the stored energy creates a heat flow that drives turbine. The turbines then generate electricity. All the electricity try to be organized so that it may travel in the same direction in a small line. Organization of this sort is created by man and so it does not occur naturally. Excess heat is then created because of the unnatural processes of creating organization. The excess heat lead to thermal pollution which contributes to global warming. If the factory is situated near a...
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