Methods to Secure Sensitive Items

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Accountability of Sensitive Items

Of the many tasks of a soldier, of all ranks and positions, one of the most important is that of operational security, or “Opsec”. This takes many forms, from keeping top secret actions and information secured and out of the hands of potential enemies, all the way to checking and double-checking all security measures guarding these “sensitive items”. This paper will explain the reasonings and methods behind, specifically, the guarding, securing, and monitoring of sensitive items of various types, as well as the consequences if such actions are not taken.

There are multiple steps one must take to keep everything out of the hands of individuals who might less than desirable intentions. The first being the careful recording of all items to attain a proper count, distinguishable markings such as serial codes etched onto them, and a record of where they are kept. This allows a person to quickly check, whenever necessary, to find if any objects are missing with only a quick count and look in the appropriate places, and if they are missing allow the individuals searching to easily identify any items matching the descriptions with a likewise quick check for matching identification codes. Additionally, along with recording identifying marks, it is suggested to take photos rather than simply relying on memory to describe the appearance of sensitive items such as firearms. If identifying markings are not available, then it would be wise to etch, clearly and distinctly, and use those instead. Security checks should be conducted periodically, making sure that the count is accurate, with random checks of the serial numbers with the purpose of ensuring that the items on hand are the ones recorded. Another method of keeping these materials secure is to keep them locked and a record of all who access, further limiting any potential suspects if anything were to come up missing.

While all of those are great for the securing of physical...
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