Short Biography: Gluckel of Hameln

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Title: No better way then Kool-Aid!
General Purpose: To Inform & Entertain
Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech on how to make Kool-Aid, I would like my audience to know how to make Kool-Aid. Introduction: (opening with scene from the movie Friday)
A :You want some Kool-Aid?
B : Man you know i want some Kool-Aid!
A: I aint got no suga.
B: NO SUGA?! DAMN, Ya'll aint never got two things that match! Either ya'll got Kool-Aid, no suga, peanut butter, no jelly, ham no burger!! DAMNN!! Now introducing the improved Kool-Aid where no sugar needs to be added! The everyday thirst is no longer a struggle! If it's a trip with kids or friends, a wonderful 4th of July day, party, or simply because your thirsty, Kool-Aid is the fastest and easiest drink to make! Growing up as a child I never had the pleasure of drinking name brand sodas, so since I could remember I've been making Kool-Aid for all the years of my existence. Preview Main Points:

I.Items for Preporation
II.Combine Ingredients
III.Serving Final Product
Now that I have told you my main points, let me continue with what you will need. I. Items for preporation
1.Small Spoon
a. Scooping Powder
2. Large Spoon
a. Stirring
4.Kool-Aid Powder Container
5. Water
Once you have all your utensils it's time to combine your ingedients.
II.Combine ingredients
1.Take off lid to Kool-Aid container
a. place on counter
2.Grab small spoon
3.Scoop powder into Pitcher
a. add to your liking of sweetness
b. 6-9 scoops (usually)
4. Add water
a. fill half way
5. Grab larger spoon
a. stir
6.Add more water
a. continue stirring
We are done preparing, it is now time to serve!
III.Serving Final Product
1. Grab pitcher
a. place & tilt above cup
2. Pour juice
Now that I have taught you about the items needed, how to combine the ingredients, and how to serve I challenge YOU...
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