A Dinner Menu

Topics: Potato, American cuisine, German cuisine Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Today I am preparing a dinner for my mother's birthday. I am going to hire waitresses && I will be preparing a few of everyone favorites, things like macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes, Steak, Lasagna, Chicken, Baked Beans, Potato salad, And Appetizers Like chips and Dip, Bread rolls, && Deviled eggs. I will also make desserts like peach cobbler, cheesecake, and a specially made homemade birthday cake. The homemade cake will be delicious!

First, I'm going to start of with the appetizers. I will have the waitresses bring out the bread rolls and the beverages. Next I'm going to personally bring out the menus for everyone to place their order. Now lets not forget even though I have set everything up like 5 star service, everything is FREE. After everyone has ordered their appetizers the waitresses will take the cooks their order, and while the cooks will prepare them I will entertain the guest while they munch up on their bread rolls and beverages. After that the appetizers should be all ready to go.

Now, while everyone is enjoying their appetizers, I will have my cooks start on dinner. They will prepare chicken wings because that's my moms favorite! They will also make cheesy baked macaroni because that's my favorite! Macoroni was also great to have because everybody in my family loves it. I chose baked potatoes because they have starch in them and are pretty healthy. There is also juicy steak on the menu because hey who doesn't like steak? We will also have lasagna because the macaroni will not be enough pasta by itself. We will have potato salad for a side dish because my granny's favorite.

Next after everyone's food digest from this delicious meal we will have dessert. On the dessert menu we have things like a delicious peach cobbler. The reason that I chose to make a peach cobbler is because my mom has had it every year on her birthday for the past 10 year and I want to make it 11. I Also had the chefs make Ten cheesecakes...
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