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Topics: Online shopping, Electronic commerce, Shopping Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Is shopping online a good choice?
How can you get good value for money during shopping? Over the past years, shopping online has a rapid rise because of the mushroom of development of computer science which seems incredible. A large amount of people prefer shopping on E-bay or Taobao and believe it has numerous advantages and benefits. Nevertheless, other rational people have a question: Is online shopping all that much better? In order to solve this question, this paper will discuss whether online shopping is a good choice. In fact, it is obvious that purchase goods from online stores in not a good option. More specifically, it is because the information provided by the sellers does not match with the real quality and it tends to reduce folk’s communication with the outside world. More than that, human beings are tricked in online stores frequently and their privacy can be threatened likewise.

For starters, quintessentially vendors conceal numerous discrepancies of their product so that they can sell them easily, but consumers will receive a good which does not match with the information they provided. The fact is this; all customers can depend on during website shopping is just the incomplete and plain statement, if people is lucky enough, they can get several pictures as well. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing”, buyers do not really have a deep comprehension of what they are buying due to the lack of personal examination. Furthermore, when people put shopping online/ bad quality in baidu it comes out about 20,000,000 results; and in google folks can get about 90,900,000 results. It seems that the link between online shopping and poor quality has become a common view. Yet, the situation will become completely different if consumers choose physical retail presence. Observation of all aspects is provided therefore customers can choose the product easily and depress return rate simultaneously. As for consumer satisfaction, coincidentally, a survey ran...
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