Cobone in Qatar

Topics: Electronic commerce, Online shopping, Customer service Pages: 16 (5050 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Table of Contents
Executive Summary Page 2
1.0 IntroductionPage 3
1.1 Environmental economyPage 3
1.2 Environmental Politics & Legal EnvironmentPage 4 1.3 Environmental CulturePage 5
2.0 Market Audit and Competitive Market AnalysisPage 6 3.0-Preliminary Marketing Plan Page 10
4.0- Conclusion and RecommendationsPage 13
References Page 14

Executive Summary

In today’s world retail industry has become a significant worldwide market expanding it through various channels reaching to customers, meeting their demands and eventually completing the supply chain cycle. In this modernized world, customers are more educated about products and services, thus before buying a product they derive the benefits and the value that company offers. The growth of the Internet users has considerably grown at larger scale and thus has influenced many of them to retail through this electronic resource. Thus, online retailing is one of the flourishing channel for retailing industry and has become one of the most (prospering) channel. It has become a convenient channel for customers to access variety of products available online, their brand awareness, information of the products how compatible they are and many other factors.

Cobone is an online discount voucher sites that provides daily coupons at a considerable low prices. The main feature of Cobone is “One deal each day” at very low prices. Cobone works with the eminent business organizations to offer these deals every day. From the surveys, it suggests that Cobone can understand the needs of the customers and provides an easy access for them in terms of merchandising the product, web navigation and also protection of customers identity. After UAE, Qatar has the highest internet users among the Middle East Countries and it is advancing in technology platform which could provide more amenities to the people which could be helpful for online retailing. Cobone can easily find a place to sell their coupons in such a place where market is booming and people are keener to know about the innovative products in this business environment. various research methods have been applied to get know the buying behaviour of customers, the competitor that exist in market and evaluating the strength, opportunities, weakness and threats that exist in the market.

As Qatar didn't explore the ways to the depth for online retailing it is anticipated that this report would be helpful in knowing the features and would assist to improve in the upcoming years.

International Marketing Plan
Our international marketing plan seeks to replicate the same success Cobone has had internationally and locally in the UAE to Qatar, a forecasted booming economic center in the GCC. Cobone is the GCC market leader in online discount vouchers, far exceeding its global competitor Groupon in the region, by better understanding its market and customers. Bringing this success into the Qatari market as it develops both economically and as a regional centre is crucial in gaining first mover advantages and a large market share of the developing market. Gaining a strong foothold in the Qatari market as it develops due to recent global events to be hosted within the country may also be crucial to expanding regional development for Cobone, in terms of regional market share, but also in terms of knowledge gained of the regional market and cultures. As a concept discount vouchers have been around since markets developed, however with the internet’s development, online discount voucher sites are relatively new. Introduced in the US by Goupon their success globally has gained the interest of giants like Google; who have recently introduced their own substitute to Cobone and Groupon, the two market leaders. The key elements to Cobone’s and Groupon’s success globally come from catering to the local customer needs and...
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