Shatha Odeh

Topics: Nutrition, Vegetarianism, Meat Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Vegetarian vs. non vegetarian

In modern days people are becoming more conscious about their health than before. They are more concern about what kind of food diet they should be following. There are two kinds of food diets depends on whether the person is consuming meet or not. One is called vegetarian diet where a person do not include any kind of meet product in his/her diet, and the other one is non-vegetarian diet which includes consuming meet. The two diets have three major differences in fibers amount, health problems and the cost. Researches’ have proven that a vegetarian diet is more healthier than a non vegetarian one؛ because, first of all, vegetarian food have a lot of fibers. The importance of fibers is to help making the digestion system work better and faster which leads to a more functional body. Furthermore, meatless products consist of small amount of fat that lead to cholesterol. Additionally, unlike what many people say, vegetarian diet actually provides the body with a proper amount of protein from eating beans, seeds, nuts and whole grains. Besides, from a morally concept, following a vegetarian diet could save animal lives. It is really immoral to kill animals to be eaten later on without a super need for doing so. Another thing is that vegetarian food does not cost a lot of money because of the little demand on it. For that, nowadays many people are more willing to adopt the vegetarian diet. In contrast, a non vegetarian diet might cause numerous problems. Unlike a vegetarian diet it consists less amount of fibers which makes the food less easily digestible. Non vegetarian products also contains much fats than a vegetarian products do which could lead to heart diseases and high blood pressure as a result of cholesterol. Moreover, a vegetarian diet has more protein than the body needs, therefore the human body would have to convert all the extra protein into fat which leads to overweight and diabetes. Compared with the veggie...
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