Arguementive Essay About Vegan vs. Omnivore Dies

Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin B12, Vitamin Pages: 5 (1619 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Nicole Rixen, 101B
Argument Essay
December 18, 2012
Rhetorical Situation
Purpose Sentence: The purpose is to infer that a vegan/vegetarian diet is better for the health of Americans than an omnivorous diet using reasoning, credibility, and emotion. Writer: Through the use of reasoning, credibility, and emotion, the comparison between a vegan/vegetarian diet and an omnivorous diet explains why a vegan/vegetarian diet is more beneficial for the health of Americans and the ethical treatment of animals. Purpose: The purpose of the argumentative essay is to inform Americans about the benefits of both diets and the treatment of animals for human consumption while arguing that a vegan/vegetarian diet is healthier for American’s westernized-diets. Audience: People who are reading the “living and health” section of a newspaper would be interested in reading this essay. Subject: By comparing reasoning, credibility, and emotion, a vegan/vegetarian diet would be more beneficial to the health of Americans and the treatment of animals.

“Beyond Vegetarianism”
With heart disease as the number-one cause of death in America, health experts are wondering how we can stop the epidemic of chronic diseases. Compared to a generation ago, the number of acute-disease’ deaths have fallen while the number of chronic-disease’ deaths have increased. With science and technological advancement in medical care, medical experts are able to find vaccines and medicines to prevent acute diseases, but the only way people can prevent chronic diseases is by changing their life style choices (Myers). While some Americans believe that an omnivorous diet that is balanced with consumption of both animal products and plants is better for your health, other Americans and I believe that a vegan/vegetarian diet is better for you in a westernized diet.

In order for the body to grow and be healthy, it needs vitamins and minerals that can be found in all food types. When growing up, commercials about the intake of three servings of milk a day was found anywhere from the television to billboard ads, but does milk really make bones grow strong? Countries who consume the most dairy products and animal proteins are actually the highest in Osteoporotic bone fractures (Traister). Bones do need calcium in order to grow and maintain health, but your body gets more calcium from plant-based sources than animals. In order for the human body to absorb calcium, it needs vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found through supplements, sun exposure, and fortified foods (Calcium), but the only types of food that vitamin D is found is through products like egg yolks, liver, and salt-water fish. Animal products, like egg yolks and liver, may be rich in vitamin D and have higher levels of protein, but the levels of protein in animal products are linked to a decrease in absorption of calcium and increase in excretion through the kidneys (Calcium). How can our bodies mediate between having enough protein without decreasing our intake of calcium? Bean and nut based foods, like almonds and soybeans, are high in both protein and calcium. An American needs a half-gram of protein per pound they weigh (Mangels). With that said, the average American consumes 175% of the daily protein recommended. Vegetarians and vegans intake the recommended amount of protein through grains, beans, and vegetables as long as they are consuming the adequate caloric amount. Another building block of nutrient intake is vitamin B-12. Found through shellfish and organs, vitamin B-12 is essential for creating DNA and maintaining red-blood cells; without adequate amounts of vitamin B-12, people are acceptable to Anemia (Food). With your body only needing 2.4 mcg or B-12 daily, vegetarians and vegans find an adequate source through fortified soy/almond milks and dry cereals (Food). In addition with vitamin B-12 as being a culprit of Anemia, Iron is also essential mineral for your body’s health (Iron)....
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