Shadowing a Nurse

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The men and women in law enforcement professions are the people that are brave, strong mentally and physically, and have the desire to help. It's a selfless, thankless career. The jobs are demanding, and these people are everything from a mentor, hero, to the most hated person within a mile radius. I was able to spend the afternoon with officer Landry at the Vernon department, and also FBI agent Dan Curtain from New Haven. They gave me excellent information and advice. I also got to go on a ride along with officer Landry and gained a lot of knowledge on what an afternoon is like for a police officer.

The hiring process is very long and will have any applicant very nervous. The qualifications to apply are to be a high school graduate, some departments require a college degree or similar experience, have a clean record, be in shape, good credit, 21 years of age or older. After applying you would receive an acceptance letter from the department and they would invite you to test with them, that's if they're interested in you. Before testing, people need to pass a physical test first and receive their CHIP card, which after passing physical standards the CHIP card is good to last 6 months. When it expires you'd have to test again. You would need to pass those physical standards in order to proceed with the hiring process. Then comes the written exam, which tests your knowledge based on a high school level education. There is also parts of the test that test your memory. They'll show you a picture for a few seconds then ask you things like what time it was on the clock, or how many people were in line. Police departments tend to only accept people who score 90% or higher on the written test. If you get a low score, you don't advance to get hired. After moving on from the written test, you would take a oral board. This is probably the scariest part, having to sit with high ranking officers and have them slam you with questions and scenarios. All while they dissect every word and action of yours. It's very intimidating. Then if they like you during that interview, you'll be invited to move on in the hiring process with taking a polygraph test. From there they'll do a background test and drug test. If everything is passed then you'll be hired.

when I arrived at the Vernon police department for my ride along I had to wait for officer Landry to show up since she was on a call. While waiting in the waiting room I was able to take a look around. I thought it was weird to have to talk through a phone to speak to dispatch on the other side of the wall. There was a few chairs for people waiting, a huge American flag to the side, and a case that had a few old trinkets. There was handcuffs from years ago, an old baton, and an old writing from the 1920's written by the chief, it was so fine-flowing, magnetic writing with confident loops, nobody writes like that anymore. A group of four pictures hung on the wall with the departments officers in uniform from the 20's-50's, it clearly showed how much the uniforms have changed. The room was very clean and easily maintained. Officer Landry walked in and shook my hand, briefed me on what we'd be doing then she led me into the back.

Officer Landry introduced me to a few officers, all of which were very nice. She led me into the room where they do dispatch and watch the cameras. There was at least 5 computer screens that showed camera views, who is on what call, where they are, and a few other specs. It was really entertaining. They showed me how the GPS updates roughly every 10 seconds and will show you where the officer is. From there we took an elevator and went downstairs where officer Landry then showed me where they take fingerprints and they're sent to the FBI. They had two machines, one old and one being newer. Next to that was a wooden bench that looked like it has been around longer than i have. It had a wooden loop on the top left side of it, my guess is to restrain people. Before...
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